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Skanky Cock Choking Hoes

Good gawd, this is a breed of women all onto their own. Two are cheering, aggressively cheering in fact, all kinds of lewd encouragements for another to force a cock down her throat while a 3rd is lending a hand from behind, in case she needs her head forced forward to make that dick go down her throat.

These are definitely not ladies, not the type I see myself getting married to or even dating for that matter and most certainly not the type I would be introducing to my mother but they are definitely the type I would hang for for fun because they sure know how to do that. Just imagine these four girls as part of you company for a week holiday at the coast, or on a yacht cruising perhaps the Mediterranean? Hell yes!

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Some Chicks Are Born To Suck Dicks

At Swallowed, the site pretty much named after the action, there is no holding back when it comes to blowjobs.

I never realised just how many women actually love giving blowjobs. The way society likes to paint the picture is rather that a man might get a blowjob on special occasions or if he treated his lady particularly well or something like that. Like oral sex is a chore for most women. If that was even the case, majority wise that is, then it seems those days are over.

The more I enquire about the more it seems most woman actually don’t just enjoy it but love it. I have heard from numerous women that it is their favourite sexual activity beyond the act itself.

Honestly though, the type of women that you can openly enquire about something like this is sexually liberal to begin with so perhaps there is a degree of bias in that… but still.

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Making That Cock Pop

She’s going to use his dick to make that sound like the cork popping off a champagne bottle isn’t she. Seriously though, I’ve not had a girl use her cheek like that when giving me a blowjob and I’m curious if it’s any good, if it actually feels any different than elsewhere in her mouth.

I just always think, when i see them do that in porn, that they can’t deep-throat or that their gag reflex is so sensitive that they can’t have the dick go anywhere near their throat and this is a way to counter it from happening accidentally. You know as a guy you can have that reflex sensation where you thrust forward a little bit and that could definitely be enough to do that.

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Amateurs Suck Dick Like Pros

At Swallowed.com it’s all about giving the amateur girls a chance to show off their head-game. It’s not only the seasoned pornstars who know how to work it, which you’ll very soon realise once you’ve spent a little bit of time at this great site.

You can just tell be the tears in this blonde’s eyes that she’s completely committed to the task and don’t we just all enjoy an enthusiastic slut Nice to see her friend chiming in with a bit of rimming just to add extra flavour.

The common thread is supposed to be about cum swallowing, which you will see plenty of as it holds true across the entire selection in their rapidly expanding archive. That said, there is plenty of cock swallowing going on as well as deepthroating has become a necessity in the arsenal of any good cock-sucker.

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There’s Little Like a Hand Full of Firm Ass

The timing of this pic makes it look like this guy is trying to tear her butt cheek right off.

I must admit that I would love to get my hands on that ass myself. Perhaps she could do with an extra pound or two if I’m going to be unnecessarily critical but I’m sure she wears a pair of jeans just fine. I bet you could bounce a coin off of that.

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Choking on a Meat Pipe

Getting a good blowjob is a massive turn-on for me and that’s probably because it is pretty scarce. This coming from a singleĀ  and completely unattached guy.

I realise that a good blowjob is rather relative and if you’re married, have been with the same girl for quite some time, then what you consider to be a blowjob might be rather different to what I do.

I mean no offense or insult but the majority of guys have never had a great blowjob and that is because the majority of women have no idea how to give one and that in turn is because they have never bothered taking the time to learn.

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Loads of BJ’s Specials

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I love that look on a women’s face, maintaining eye contact while her mouth stuffed full of sausage. I find it particularly erotic when she loves it when you fuck her throat even though it makes her eyes tear up and her mascara run down her cheeks.

Or after a glass or two of wine and she recons she’s a pornstar and sucks your cock with such vigor that you have to fight hard not to blow your load in a minute flat. Hell, so what if you do.