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“I may be short, but I’m sexy, right?”

“I always get pissed off that guys don’t take me seriously ’cause I’m short,” said Rachel. “It’s like I can’t be old enough to want to party, much less fuck, just because of my size. That’s kinda why I decided to send these photos to NN: to show that I’m a 100 percent hot and horny girl. So, am I gonna show the mag to a lot of people? Hell yeah! I want to get all my friends talking about what I did. I like to ride on a guy’s dick when we’re having sex. It’s not so much that I get kinda crushed when I’m under a guy, it’s ’cause I love having the guy play with my nipples and suck ’em while we’re screwing. That adds so much to the whole thing for me, especially if he’s doing it while I’m cumming. But I’ll try any position a guy wants to do me in. I like doing it doggie style because it feels kinda kinky, especially if the guy wets a finger and slips it into my ass. But I’m not ready to give up my butthole to a dick yet. I’m sure it’s gonna happen some time when I’m with the right guy. But now there’s too much for me to learn and enjoy about having regular, pussy sex because I’m still a learner. But the lessons are awesome!”

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